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Franklin, TN


Drawing and painting have always been a part of my life, but it wasn’t until my sophomore year in college that I was encouraged to pursue an art career. Before I graduated, I was married and soon became a stay-at-home Mom. Once the children were in school, I went back to work but not in the art field – product sales, real estate sales, office management and campus ministry. Even though I created paintings and pen and ink drawings over the years, I was not able to pursue an art career full-time until recently. Now that I am a Grandmother, I have the freedom to paint and draw again!

Among my commissioned commercial works are drawings of Historic Yellow Springs in Chester Springs, PA. used in their publications, brochures and newsletters; and a drawing of The Village of Laurel Run in Fayetteville, PA used in their marketing materials, cards and newsletters. I’ve also been commissioned to do personal residences in both PA and TN. My artwork is currently on display at the Tennessee Art League in Nashville, TN.

Please visit my other website – www.janetlking.com. I hope you will enjoy what you see! I give all the credit and glory to God for the ability to put down on paper the beauty that I see! Let me know if I can create a custom painting or pen & ink drawing for you.


Loshavn by Janet King


Farsund in Winter by Janet King


Farsund Dock Scene Pen and Ink by Janet King


Farsund Waterfront by Janet King


Lilies in pen and ink by Janet King


Havik Beach by Janet King


Farsund Badehuset on a sunny day by Janet King


Farsund Badehuset in Ink by Janet King


Wait for the Lord by Janet King


Lindesnes Lighthouse by Janet King


Consider how the Lilies Grow by Janet King


Potter and Clay by Janet King


Peace by Janet King


Tea Time by Janet King